Iran, Venezuela affirm ties ahead of Chavez visit Iran, Venezuela affirm ties ahead of Chavez visit... Iran needs to know that Chavez is master minded head of the underground chained s 酒店打工lavery terrors in Latin America links to USA White Trash. You just need to see how he tooled fooled "5.Her.Zhi.Zhong" to got his unlimited time o 酒店打工f terms (Because your term made by your law makers, your unlimited terms must have to be called up by your law makers instead of run by yourself shamelessly lawles 烏來溫泉sly Godlessly to think you are the only one can run. You have no right to rely on "5.Her.Zhi.Zhong" to vote for your unlimited terms, because unlimited terms must have to rely on yourself to G2000use your life to fight the war to show your forceful guts; you use "5.Her.Zhi.Zhong" to vote, can only show you are the evil coward, therefore, you know how to use invisible press to force to scare "5.Her.Zh 禮服i.Zhong" to follow you to dive; you are the evil liar, therefore, you know how to use lie to fool tool "5.Her.Zhi.Zhong" darkly; you are the evil sucker, therefore, you know how to take advantage of sick weak wicked to gain or/and gang. 設計裝潢 When a nation showed that political party/national head must have to rely on evil coward, evil liar, evil sucker to get money power sex to upside down, you have to nuclear that nation rather sooner than later. Because if you don't, your nation mu 吳哥窟st have to be finished by that upside down invisibly not if but when. Because except kill, you have no way to deal with evil doer that Confucious admitted that difficult to help them, that Chinese good traditional words failed to help them, that our Mighty True Love God m 商務中心ust have to watch them to fall powerlessly. And because those evil doers piled up too thick to afford you to kill, therefore, you have to rely on unclear to make all jailed body gone with no mess left behind for you to deal.)instead of being forced by the law makers to carry the burden to go 開幕活動ahead to figure out Chavez is the slave or partner underground chained with US lair President Bill Clinton and his ass whore Hillary Clinton committed the same abusive pattern of crime or crimes. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 酒店工作  .
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