Way.Bound.Boot.Drew. Nwon.Boung.Boot.Rule. Taiwanese should not go to Mainland China any more. Mainland China not ocommunist ruled any more, Mainland China has far finished long time ago before Japan had been finished, the difference is Japan had the best Samurai as the sign to tell their finish, Mainland China does not have that good remainings can tell.Yes, American is being on the finished path, you can know it when you hear they fine Time Magazine instead of kill all of them. You are democratic country, your toppest rule is to guard your media to have the absolute right of freedom of speech, you dislike the way they orally facking you, you must have the guts to kill them, you must not allow them to think they can use money to buy their lies. The better that makes American more respectable than Mainland Chinese is their man can still have the right to buy guns to kill anyone that scared him to death, they don't need stupid bad ugly evil oral fucking like stupid bad ugly evil blogger woosean did 澎湖民宿 to "那位留亂碼的小姐,妳可不可以去死啊!幹!砍妳留言他媽的浪費掉我多少生命妳知道嗎?" [ http://www.wretch.cc/blog/woosean&article_id=9130074 ] Why woosean's oral fucking is stupid bad ugly evil but not real killing? Because oral fucking he can only dare use to fuck good, less evil woman , he must dare not use the same to deal with stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animals that link to "Huang.Whore" gangsters, that's an act of "7.Sun.Pot.U(gly)" coward can only speed your country to be finished faster. Why dared he not? Because he must know "Huang.Whore" gangsters don't have American time and heart to "Call.Drew.Beat.What", "Huang.Whore" gangsters gang together with cold cold hard, only suicide bombers available field may dare do the hard to at enlarged hers. Therefore, you should know that Time magazine allowed to use money to buy their lies must mean you must not come to USA any more, because USA not 濾桶 like coward China Communist to tolerate coward man like woosean to oral fucing good, less evil woman, they allow man to carry weapon to fire evil doers, and weapons don't know you are Taiwanese or foreigners, they may just kill you when you just happen in Time Square close by doing shoppings or whatever nonsense activities. When you kill, you must have mercy, you must not cruelty, you do the cruelty, you must prepare to have the super guts to face your cruelty ghosty, you are not Satan, you cannot have Satan's formless mighty to see everyone's evil, even Satan must do the double check with God's love to make sure the rooting of the heart to make sure the reality not against the true heart. You don't have a good will to kill, you must not do the kill at the beginning. This may explain how come only the best sniper suitable to do the kill, because his excellent goal focus score can make sure it is always a mercy. There 結婚fore, Chinese and TAiwanese need learn to be better, say "go to hell, or you should be killed" instead of "幹!" or "妳可不可以去死啊!"; because "go to hell" "you should be killed" Satan does like that. China Communist needs do better to demand all web masters follow Communist bravest rule "不自由.Rather die" - say whatever from your heart, fight with your life to seek the justice; Godless, Lawless, but Justice. -清算鬥爭- Therefore, you should know that those "Huang.Whore" gangsters criminals evil mind, they did against China Communist toppest rule to have jailed 江青 instead of obey the Communist toppest free prison world to kill her or send her to concentrate camp "勞改" like China Communist had done to Chin Dynasty late remainings head. You don't think she deserved to have chance to be corrected, you must have the mercy to kill her immediately, you have no right to jail her to sink her even deeper. Therefore, US law makers should learn the 信用卡代償 good point of view from Communist to make law says: any criminal does not be trustable enough to be sent to concentrate camp to learn the lesson to live must be killed immediately, the sooner the better to help that uncorrectable from falling into even deeper. Jail can only use to jail your enemy that you lack of the fair and balance authority to try anyone of them. 江青's one of the most loyal China Communist members, anyone dared to see her as enemy in Mainland China must subjected to the hightest standard to accept worldwide Communist members -清算鬥爭- to give one of the oldest China Communist members 江青 deserved justice. Therefore, stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animals should know that controlling the freedom of speech, she cannot like 江青(MouJerDong did not provide her security title, you eyed her as MouJerDong's lover, you must honor her "垂簾聽政" courtesy, you don't think she deserved to be eyed as MouJerDong's lover, you must respect her "Sway.Sin.You 情趣用品ng.What" honesty to sleep, live, make love with anyone she liked; you think she's "Huang.Whore" criminal gangster, you need provide the unshakable evidence to get the world wide communist headquater to side with you, because she's MouJerDong's woman, that highly ranked place very likely have made her to offense many visible or invisibly communist enemies like "Huang.Whore" female dressed animals gangsters linked underground chained slavery terrorist; had she indeed a liar, how could MouJerDong not just executed tough love to just give her a mercy die by himself, she's not MouJerDong's wife, MouJerDong did not need to have the duty to guard her over his own life. ) to deserved someone to speak for righteous sake to get her deserved "平反". This may explain how come man must not hire any woman to work for him, because if he's a married man, hiring any female worker can only trap himself like the Robot Cop died for her, if he's a single man, can only like Danny out of the luck to 酒店經紀 get that good woman matched him up, or like stupid bad ugly evil Bill Gates to sucked himself wasting or lost both himself and that woman's supposed good lucks. Mainland China already eat bonelessly by "Huang.Whore" gangsters, TAiwan must either seal border and demand the rest of the world seal border from Mainland China, or just fire as many nukes as you can get to blow the whole Mainland Chinese gone with the wind. HongKong is TAiwanese and Chinese can have peace to live only hope, therefore, you ooooTaiwanese must not use HongKong as battle ground to launch any war with Mainland China, any Mainland China evil doers that link "Huang.Whore" gangsters entering HongKong, you must do the kill duty without any hesitate. How I dare say so? Because I know Thatcher good will that I would be like her had I not been blocked by God's call to see the fact that the best in HongKong all loyal to and pride of their real Chinese Nationality, those UK ass kissers were all boneless "Sway.Sin.Young.What.". You must do all you ca 有巢氏房屋n try to lead and live with Mainland China first before you fire any missile. Because if you want to rely on God's love, you must not hate your enemy, you must not be scared by anything, you must not need to be tough to anyone, then, you can only ask yourself be better; if you choose to fight, you must first do all you can to deserve Satan respecting you enough to take your side. Because Satan is the only really knowing God but not willing to satisfy to be second to God. Satan does not have heart therefore does not know if we like Satan scares nothing, we would better than Satan like God, we scared lost our guts, we must have God inside our heart to have the brave to do the scary kill. Like Chinese said "Ten.Drew.自.Drew.Jer.", you don't help yourself, you have no right to rely on God's love. This may explain how come woman cannot deserve God's love if she does not have the strength to stay home to respect God's unselfishly order. You don't scare, you should not kill, this may explain how come God not allowing those stupid bad 591ugly evil "Huang.Whore" gangsters to kill me, because I don't scare anyone of them, they look down me showed their evil "Bi.癡" calling; this may explain how come you must not kill your enemy when that enemy lost its freedom to scare you. This may explain how come you must have the right to kill those "Huang.Whore" gangsters when they scared you with their "莫須有" sentenced clause like that stupid bad ugly evil 新浪网 showed on the Mainland China under communist name site _______________________________________________________________________???可???: 京ICP?000007? 尊重网上道德,遵守《全?人大常委??于??互?网安全的?定》及中?人民共和?其他各?有?法律法? 尊重网上道德,遵守中?人民共和?的各?有?法律法? 承?一切因您的行?而直接或?接?致的民事或刑事法律?任 新浪网新?留言板管理人?有?保留或?除其管?留言中的任意?容 您在新浪留言板?表的作品,新浪网有?在网站???或引用 ?与本留言即表明您已???并接受上述?款 文明?网文明上网????:010-82615762 ???箱:jubao@vip.sina.com http://comment4.news.sina.com.cn/comment/skin/default.html?channel=dushu&newsid=112_3_149031&style=0&face=& 烤肉食材rid=0 _________________________________________________________________________ WE have body jail, we cannot like Satan to get the formless light, we must have God's love inside our heart to help us to get the strength to deal with the tough love to help our love one to have better life. This is why parents must not be allowed to scare the kids, parents may be saying to kids their concerns, themself's fear, they must not committed "Huang.Whore" crimes to say something not really happened to them to scare the kids, you don't want your kids to marry, you must tell the kids the reason, the evidence, you must not make them to fear marriage, you make them fear marriage, yet you did not do your duty to demand your government to make all marriage gone with the wind, you must see as unfaithful to your kids that must mean the mom committed treason crime must either do the jail time or must go to hell if too late or too heavy to make up by jail time.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 信用卡代償  .


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